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 Best Holiday Spirit 2018 Contest Results:

The Village of Fowlerville Council announced the three winners of Best Holiday Spirit 2018 Contest during the regular council meeting last night (January 7, 2019) at 7:30 PM. The Village of Fowlerville Council and Staff thank all the participants for their creativity, community support, and patience with Michigan’s finicky winter weather. This being the first online voting experience for such a contest in the Village, it was exciting right up until the close of the contest!

Please warmly congratulate and recognize the following three winners who received the most cumulative public votes: 

First Place: Redinger Steel Erectors

Second Place: Keller Williams Realty Co.

Third Place: Fowlerville Dental Center

Please look in the upcoming Fowlerville News & Views newspaper for more details about the winners, participants, and opportunities to join in future contests.


Warmup the Winter Benefit Chili Cook-off Flyer

VFW Chili Cook Off 2019
15th Annual Chili Cook-Off MARCH 9 Ad

If you are interested in entering a chili for this year's cook-off, please use this link for an entry form and details. Thank you for your participation! 

 Please contact the Village of Fowlerville Offices to include your organization's event!