Upcoming Events in the Village

Thank you for your patience and support during these unprecedented times. The following information on local events is being updated as new information becomes available. Please follow and check with individual event organizers for safety requirements based on the recommendations to comply with Emergency Orders and adhere to the safety measures suggested by the local health departments and the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

-The Village of Fowlerville

Get your FREE flu shot! Drive-Thru Event
Sunday, November 22, 2020, from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM at Livingston County Health Department (2300 East Grand River Avenue, Howell, Michigan)
As we fight the COVID-19 pandemic, it is more important than ever to get your flu shot! Get yours at the free event for everyone 6 months and older.

Things to know before you go:

  • Masks are required for everyone in your vehicle 2 years and older.
  • Adults are encouraged to bring a form of identification.
  • Dress comfortably so that our nurses can access your upper arm.
  • Before arriving, please print and complete the Flu Form found here: 

AK Plastics, 900 E. Van Riper Road, is hoping to direct hire 10-15 Production Support Techs:
$16 per hour plus shift premium. Here is the direct link for applicants:

Now Hiring Flyer Image V2 - AK Plastics

Drive-Thru Job Fair! Every Tuesday from Noon to 4 PM @ Ventra

Reminder: Shake Your Mailbox!

Winter 2020-2021 has been dubbed the ‘Winter of the Great Divide’ by Farmer’s Almanac. What does this mean as businesses and homeowners enjoy the crisp Fall temperatures in the Village? Well, many routines have transitioned to Fall maintenance around the home and property, raking leaves, scheduling vehicles for seasonal upkeep and repairs, and more. The Village of Fowlerville is encouraging to take a moment to inspect your mailbox. Now is the ideal time, before the ground freezes, to make repairs. If you can physically push on your mailbox and it ‘gives a little,’ it will likely not make it through the winter and the snow-plowing season. Here are a few suggestions on what to do:

  • Check the wood post in the ground. If your mailbox has been in place for a length of time, weather and use can compromise even the best installation. Also check for any splits, knots, or signs of rot in the wood post. These are telltale signs that more attention and replacement of the post are needed now before the snow comes.
  • Take a look at the wooden platform or board where the mailbox sits and attaches to the wood post. This point of contact takes on a lot of pressure and can weaken over time. Are the nails/screws in this area loose? If your mailbox becomes a projectile, these screws and nails can be more harmful than just an inconvenience.
  • Consider the actual placement of your mailbox: is it meeting postal standards and safety requirements? The wood post should be installed 24” into the ground so that the front of the mailbox is 6” – 8” back from the curb/side of the street. The mailbox should be 41” – 45” from ground level for mail carriers to access it. By placing the mailbox in this safe area headaches and hassle of repair, or costly replacement, can be avoided if the snow thrown from a snowplow hits the mailbox. The Village has adopted the United States Postal Service (USPS) guidelines for proper mailbox installation.
  • Some residents have replaced their decorative or oversized mailboxes seasonally with standard mailboxes as preventative measures. If this option makes the best sense for you, always inspect the remaining wood post when changing out the mailbox.

The Village of Fowlerville cannot assume responsibility for damages from heavy, wet snow thrown from the plows. Damages to mailboxes and posts from the snow making contact with weakened posts or poorly placed mailboxes are the homeowner’s responsibility. We try to do no harm, but our drivers have a lot to consider while working their routes: pedestrian and vehicular traffic, visibility, objects in right-of-ways, and many more factors. If damage occurred as a result of direct contact with the Village of Fowlerville’s snowplow truck(s) or equipment, a supervisor will meet with the homeowner to assess the damage for possible replacement.
Thank you for keeping your mailbox in good condition and in the proper location. Your preventative and proactive efforts are greatly appreciated.

Show your best Holiday Spirit - Month of December

Just in time for the holidays, the Village of Fowlerville is encouraging businesses and residents to decorate their properties in their ‘Best Holiday Spirit.’
Everyone in the community that would like to make the holidays brighter is encouraged to participate. By decorating your property, or sharing pictures of holiday displays in our community, you are contributing momentum to build our holiday spirit. This ‘event’ is geared towards uniting everyone, showing support, creating a healthy outlet, and paying it forward to those that need a dose of holiday cheer during these uncertain times of the Coronavirus pandemic.
There will be no voting, contest, or judging this year. The general timeframe to participate is the month of December. We are asking that everyone participate the best that they can to help combat stress, anxiety, and ‘pandemic fatigue.’

The decorating is left to your imagination and creativity. However, we do ask that you safely enjoy the creation and viewing of the displays by honoring the event’s guidelines:  

  1. Decorations may be purchased or made. Decorations made of cardboard/paper are discouraged unless protected by plastic spray or wrapping. [Think Michigan Winter!]
  2. We ask that decorations designed to feed wildlife not be used.
  3. Decorations should be tied/wired/fixed securely to resist winter winds and any potential vandalism.
  4. Please incorporate the name of your business and/or well-wishes with your display.
  5. Please do not damage Village Property and please keep ADA compliance in mind. [As with any Michigan Winter, the sidewalks still need to be maintained for the regular removal of snow/ice for the safety of everyone]
  6. Please follow all safety precautions when viewing holiday displays: mask up accordingly, social distance, be patient as other households/groups navigate decorated areas at safe distances, and abide by all traffic laws if viewing from your vehicle.
  7. The Village of Fowlerville reserves the right to request the removal of any item or decoration, if it is deemed inappropriate, at our discretion, during the event.

There is no cost to participate, other than the cost of supplies for decorating. Social media pictures and posts are encouraged and we warmly welcome participants to share their creative displays respectfully on community pages and with the Village of Fowlerville. Capture a selfie with a display or a picture of your holiday best and send it to Please include your address/name of the business with pictures or in the email subject line. Pictures can also be printed and dropped off at the Village Offices via the drive-up drop box at the west end of the municipal parking lot. As pictures are submitted, they will be posted on the Village's website and Facebook page. As the pandemic and responses remain fluid, the event and posting of pictures will occur in compliance with the regulations and recommendations from local health departments and the Emergency Orders as they are issued. Some restrictions and interruptions may occur, but it is our best intent to safely showcase your festive, hard work. Please direct any questions to the Village of Fowlerville staff at 517-223-3771.

As always, we wish you and your loved ones a healthy, happy holiday. Thank you for participating and showing your holiday spirit!

Wreaths Across America - Wreath Ceremony and Volunteer Opportunity - Saturday, December 19, 2020, at 11 AM 
To support Greenwood Cemetery and help remember our veterans, honor their service and sacrifices by placing wreaths, and teach the next generation so they will know the men and women who fought for our freedoms. Please consider showing your support at Wreaths Across America 2020. 
Thank you.
Wreaths Across America Save the Date - Greenwood Cemetery Wreath Laying Ceremony 12-19-2020 at 11 AM

Christmas in the Ville postponed until next year due to safety concerns

The committee that organizes Fowlerville’s Christmas in the Ville held a Zoom meeting Thursday morning and decided to postpone the annual event until next year due to the COVID-19 pandemic and public health guidelines that are currently in place.  
“We decided it was best to not hold the parade or any of the other activities, including the hot-air balloons, for the safety of all involved,” said Steve MacDermaid, the co-chair of the committee. MacDermaid said that he had discussed the situation with Village Officials at the Fowlerville Council meeting last Monday and then held the virtual committee meeting on Thursday to make a final decision. “Everyone wants to hold the event, but both the council and our committee felt the risk was too great to those who might attend,” he noted. “Also, with the current social distancing and outdoor crowd size mandates that have been put in place by the State Public Health Department, we weren’t sure we could even hold it.”

The Community Christmas Tree will still be put up at the Main Four corners and decorated, with the intent of maintaining that tradition, but there won’t be an official tree lighting as in the past.  Ed Prevo, the committee member who coordinates the parade, said that participants who have been in the previous parades will be sent new packages for next year, adding that anyone who has already sent in their form for this year will be notified of the postponement. Committee members, in making the announcement, said that they would like “to wish everyone a safe holiday and for all to stay healthy during these trying times.” 

   “We look forward to coming back bigger and better next year and continue with this great tradition,” they added. “Have a Merry Christmas and a healthy New Year.” 

Article/news release provided by the Christmas in the Ville Committee and the Fowlerville News & Views

Please contact the Village of Fowlerville Offices to include your organization's event