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Announcement of Dates: Community Wide Yard Sale

The Community Wide Yard Sale is scheduled for Thursday, June 7th through Saturday, June 9th, 2018. 
If you would like to participate in this year's Community Wide Yard Sale, please contact the Fowlerville News & Views for details, including advertising in the newspaper. 
Any garage sale, rummage sale, or yard sale is allowed for a period not to exceed three consecutive days and requires a Garage Sale Permit. There are no fees associated with obtaining a Garage Sale Permit. Simply fill out the permit application (also available at the Village Municipal Offices), submit the form complete with dates of your garage sale, and the permit is issued in approximately 2-3 minutes. 

Please keep in mind, in no instance can a resident host more than three (3) garage sales held in any one location within any calendar year (with at least 30 days elapsing between each sale). The Community Wide Yard Sale does NOT count towards the allowed limit of three (3) annual garage sales and does NOT require a Garage Sale Permit

Please take note: 
1. Sales shall be conducted in a manner so as not to create a traffic hazard or a nuisance to neighboring properties.All such sales shall be conducted on the property owner's premises and behind the public right of way. 
2. Garage Sale Signs are permitted to be posted on private property with the owner's permission. Signs are NOT permitted to be posted on public property or in the right of way (between the sidewalk and curb).
3. Ordinance Violations may be issued by the Police Department if a sale is conducted without a permit.
4. Please be courteous and cautious - it is the right of residents to have garage sales, as well as drivers to navigate roadways and streets safely. Garage sales create an increase in pedestrian traffic. Drivers, please be aware of pedestrians and garage sale patrons. Garage Sale Patrons, please be cognizant of the flow of traffic and local and state laws regarding parking and right of ways. Thank you for your cooperation and efforts to ensure the safety of the public.